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Briar Hare Tapestry Print Scarf, Wrap or Shawl

Briar Hare Tapestry Print Scarf, Wrap or Shawl

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Step into a realm of medieval allure with Briar Hare Tapestry Print, a captivating design inspired by the artistry of ancient tapestries. This intricate masterpiece showcases a depiction of an embroidered rabbit nestled within a briar patch against a dark background, evoking a sense of mystery and enchantment. The richly detailed tapestry-style composition brings a touch of medieval elegance to your space. Perfect for cushions, scarves, and accessories, Briar Hare Tapestry Print allows you to adorn yourself and your surroundings with the timeless charm of this noble creature.

Designer Scarves Printed, Cut & Sewn To Order

Designer Scarves Printed, Cut & Sewn To Order

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Single sided printing
  • Hemmed by professionals
  • Printed with my design
  • Handmade to order

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

  • Hand Wash
  • Low Heat
  • Dry Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha McPherson

I had been searching for a shawl for my mother-in-law for her 90th birthday. She adored hares but now that she had moved into a care home I wanted to buy her something she could enjoy but without taking up too much room. She was delighted with this adorable scarf that would also be kind to her now sensitive skin. We all enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration with her. Sadly she has since passed away but I’ll never forget the joy on her face. Ruth was also so kind in recommending the silk twill for a reduced price as the cashmere was out of stock. Thank you, Ruth. I feel that, together, we made my mother-in-laws final days some of her happiest.