Ethical Fashion: Why Ruth Designs Partners with Contrado

Ethical Fashion: Why Ruth Designs Partners with Contrado

As we mark Fashion Revolution Week, it's essential to reflect on the fashion industry's impact on both people and the planet. Despite growing awareness, child exploitation, unethical practices, and unsustainable fast fashion still plague the industry. At Ruth Designs, we're proud to stand against these issues by partnering with Contrado, a company that shares our commitment to ethical business practices and an environmentally friendly range of clothes and homewares.

The Price of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion often comes at a heavy cost to people and the environment. Many global brands have convoluted supply chains, choosing suppliers in poor communities to keep costs down. The tragic Rana Plaza building collapse in 2013, which killed 1,138 garment workers and injured 2,500 more, is a stark reminder of the human toll of this approach.

Who Made My Clothes?

As consumers, we have the power to demand transparency and ethical practices in the fashion industry. By asking #WhoMadeMyClothes, we can collectively put an end to child exploitation and unethical practices. At Ruth Designs, we are proud to collaborate with Contrado, a company that values people and the planet.

Valuing People

Contrado only employs adults under proper, fair contracts, and pays everyone a fixed wage. By working closely with their team, including artisan seamstresses, we can guarantee that the products we offer are made ethically and responsibly.

Valuing the Planet

Contrado's commitment to a clean, ethical, and sustainable supply chain aligns with our own eco-friendly values. By doing everything in-house and sourcing fabrics from within the EU, Contrado maintains a low carbon footprint. They also use eco-friendly inks, have a solid recycling scheme, and manage their energy consumption efficiently.


All our products are made-to-order in London, England and this style of production process eliminates overproduction and waste. Rather than mass-producing items that may or may not sell, Ruth Designs only produces what has already been ordered. This prevents surplus inventory and unsold goods from being discarded or incinerated, reducing waste.

Ruth Designs' Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Offerings

By partnering with Contrado, we can confidently offer our customers an ethical and sustainable womenswear collection and a range of environmentally-friendly homewares. As we celebrate Fashion Revolution Week, let's work together to promote a fair and eco-friendly fashion industry.

Join the movement and support ethical fashion by exploring our Ruth Designs collections today.

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